Blaen Methyn

Ruins of Blaen Methyn associated with Blaen Methyn mentioned in documents of 1580, 1585, 1621 (Archaeologia Cambrensis 1880, pp. 40, 45, 47)
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Blaen Methyn Communal Dipping Shed

The tin houses a communal dipping place built in 1918 and was used up to 1994. It was built by the Birmingham Corporation, there was five or six built on the estate but I believe this is the only one still standing. A concrete sheep dip that was fed from water diverted from the Nant Methan via a small sluice.
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Blaen Methyn Sheepfold

Cae Blaenmethan Sheepfold, sheep were gathered into the pens for shearing and dipping in the stream next to the pens.
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