Esgair y Ty Pillow Mounds

Esgair y Ty pillow mounds and house on Esgair y Ty. A Medievial Rabbit Warren. The largest of the mounds is approximately 40m long, the shortest approximately 9m. All are in a good state of preservation and obvious landscape features. Six of the pillow mounds are on the hillslope to the north of the modern Cwmystwyth to Rhayader road (which follows the line of the late 18th century turnpike road and an earlier road). Two others lie side by side to the south of the road, possibly detached for a specific reason, as they are located close to a large building platform, NPRN 502521, first noted in 2009. This platform has been dissected by the road, but either side of the road there is evidence of a building that stood on the platform.
It may be speculated that there was a house here that may have served as the warrener’s house associated with the rabbit warren. The pair of pillow mounds to the south of the road and close to the building platform could conceivably have been reserved for breeding does, hence their separation from the main pillow mound group on the higher slopes.
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Esgair Y Ty House

Remains of Esgair Y Ty House, 10m x 8m.
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